Sunday, February 21, 2010

How do I get stains off of flat wall paint?

We made the mistake of using flat wall paint in the kitchen and now I have small splatters of stains on sections of it. I have 3 small kids! It will not come off! The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser only takes off the paint. I'm thinking about just repainting it. Any suggestions first, though? Thanks!

The stains are mainly grease....How do I get stains off of flat wall paint?
I've done a lot of painting in the past few years. This year I noticed that they have come out with washable flat paint for the kitchen and bath. You might want to try this if you re-paint. I would suggest using a primer sealer underneath it so that the grease won't bleed through. You can get the primer sealer tinted so that you only have to do one coat of paint over it.How do I get stains off of flat wall paint?
I had the same problem. Repaint but with a semi-gloss paint. The semi-gloss paint will allow you to wipe off the wall with a damp rag and the paint will not come off. You can buy the paint at Lowes or Home Depot and is reasonable. You will like the results. Try this in the bathroom and bedrooms too. It makes cleaning a breeze.
go to the Dollar store or Family Dollar and get some Awesome. it will take the grease off. good for removing grease stains from clothes too.
mr clean magic erasers are great they really work.

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